Enterprise Software Automation

Every organization or its unit require different software automation, at different times. Automation is driven by the vision, business process(es) and information management strategies of an enterprise.

Software Selection or Evaluation

Selection of the right Business Application, whether it be for the whole enterprise or for any specific unit, is a process that requires expertise.

It is here, where we would like to help our clients in choosing the right fit for them. Our approach to the selection is not just based on the product's fit for the current need, but also on factors like the vendor's business plans for the region, product's investment scalability, etc.,.We travel along the client's business roadmap and ensure that our client's investment in IT fully derives the Total Value of Ownership and further to Total Cost of Ownership.

At 360PLUS SOLUTIONS, we extend our capabilities in the Software Selection process with the help of tools & techniques and help our clients to choose the right one, as we know that an investment here is planned for long term and a failure hits badly.