Enterprise Business Process Management

Business Process Management is a discipline that reads through an organization's business process(es) with the needs / requirements of its client(s).

A typical BPM lifecycle is:


It leverages software and services, optimizes the processes within an organization. BPM typically looks at continuous improvement in business processes and results in increased efficiency, at reduced costs. Enterprise BPM, Advanced BPM, iBPM are some of the new definitions drawn out or coined in the BPM space.

Enterprise BPM is a step forward in the Business Process Management as it attempts to adopt strategies like 'Customer Expectation Management'.

It's about building more optimization into BPM practice at an enterprise and visualize everything thats part of an organization's business process, from the customer perspective. eBPM aims at 'Outside In'.

At 360PLUS SOLUTIONS, we provide services that make use of the right tools, techniques and technology and streamline the business processes of our clients with improved efficiency and long-lasting value.

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