Enterprise Application Integration

While we talk about Enterprise Applications as a house of integrated suite or modules & processes, there still exist various applications viz., Supply chain management or Customer relationship management or Business intelligence or Vertical applications and more, that in reality work as information silos.

The lack of communication in terms of information exchange between these stand-alone applications lead to inefficiencies, where identical data are stored in multiple locations and thereby bring down the automation level, across the organization.

These stand-alone systems often reside on different operating systems or use different database software and might have been developed on old age technology & are not supported by vendor or have restrictions in terms of exchanging data to other systems.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is the process of linking 'stand-alone' or 'solo' applications within an organization to achieve a greater automation level and unrestricted sharing of data.

At 360PLUS, we understand the need to bring together the software environment at our customer places and collect the applications into a team, through our integration services. We harness the power of technology and strive to eliminate information solos at our customer places.

We have rich experience in integrating various applications through interface programs developed using different technologies viz., web services / XML / Sharepoint / .Net, etc., that automate the exchange of business data & business processes. Some of our integration experiences include:

If you have a requirement to integrate your software environment, come and talk to us. Let's make your organization to realize the 360* information availability with maximum automation level