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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

has witnessed a decent growth across the globe. Seen as an important decision at every organization, the adoption of ERP has become a �must have� for every organization from a typical SME onwards to Enterprise level.

From a true client/server technology, it has travelled a long way and has adapted to the ever changing dynamics of technology. In addition to its gamut of modules like Accounting & Finance, Fixed Assets, Procurement & Sales, Inventory Management, Supply Chain, Service Management, WMS, HRMS, Manufacturing, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, etc., many ERP systems now offer customization, data migration and visual process flows.

ERP Systems are now available in both �On Premise� & �On Cloud� (hosted) models, when it comes to procurement of software & licenses.

In an organization, everyone from an individual level to enterprise level requires access to enterprise analytics capability. ERP will improve the quality of the Business and thereby improve the efficiency of the work. ERP System shas the complete Management Information which is help the upper management to get the required information during critical decision making situations. The benefits of using ERPincludes.

The ERP market in India is filled with vendors & solutions that have international / local, SME / Enterprise, horizontal / vertical, on-premise / cloud, client-server / web based, modular / complete, end-to-end / specific attributes.

Why 360PLUS
A customer who evaluates an ERP system is posed with all these attributes, questions & challenges. It is here where we at 360PLUS, extend a variety of services that can not only help in choosing a best product, but also in the implementation, training, documentation, support & analytics.

360PLUS Solutions at Bangalore, India, is part of the global consulting ambitions.

We at 360PLUS Solutions are a team of professionals carrying rich experience in enterprise software automation and come with multiple domain expertise.

We have partnered with various vendors, consulting professionals & firms and customers in order to work as a single team, rather than being a reseller or implementer. With our expertise & experience, we extend solutions to different verticals viz., Trading & Distribution, Service, Hospitality, Real Estate, Exports, Manufacturing and more.

The ever growing list of our global alliances with well-known vendors includes names like:

Obviously our expertise is not limited by the names above as our team carries experience in many more enterprise solutions branching from Finance, Operations, Mfg, HR, CRM, BI, EAM, BPM, ECM and more.