Application Development BPO

At 360PLUS SOLUTIONS, we are capable to assist our clients in the development of software applications in technologies like .Net, Java, Web, XML, etc., and also to help in developing 'bridge programs' (interface application) between a cloud & on-premise environment or vice versa.

Our Information Technology expertise is fully available to our clients to answer their IT needs. Our talent search is a continuous process and is driven by our clients' requirement on software application. Application development outsourcing is a fast growing business segment and brings out the primary benefit of 'engage in your core business and get relieved from non-core business activities'.

Application_Development BPO

We are here to help our clients by taking ownership of their requirements in software applications and help them achieve their goals in information technology. Our multi-discipline skills give a competitive edge in our client's requirements.

Let's team up to utilize our talents in your business and work as your extended arm.